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Plastikdes paket-MF54 Temperatur-Thermistor Dioden-der Temperaturmessungs-NTC

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Plastikdes paket-MF54 Temperatur-Thermistor Dioden-der Temperaturmessungs-NTC

Großes Bild :  Plastikdes paket-MF54 Temperatur-Thermistor Dioden-der Temperaturmessungs-NTC


Herkunftsort: China
Markenname: UCHI
Zertifizierung: ROHS
Modellnummer: MF54

Zahlung und Versand AGB:

Min Bestellmenge: Durchkontaktierung
Preis: Neogtiable
Verpackung Informationen: Masse
Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen
Zahlungsbedingungen: T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 1 Million Stücke pro Jahr
Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
Typ: Plastikthermistor des paket-MF54 der Dioden-NTC Strecke R25: 0.1~1000KOHM
Toleranz R25: ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±5%, ±10% B-Toleranz: ±0.5%, ±1%
Anwendung: Kfz-Elektronik, Büroeinrichtungen, Akku. Verlustfaktor: ≥5mW/℃ in der ruhigen Luft
Thermische Zeitkonstante: ≤20sec in der ruhigen Luft Nennleistung an 25℃: ≤25mW
B-Wert: 3950K etc. Dimension: 5*2.6mm


MF54 Plastic Package Diode Temperature Measurement NTC Thermistor



Application:Automotive electronics, office equipments, rechargeable battery.


PDF Specification PDF format : MF54 Plastic Package Diode Temperature Measurement...




1. Characteristics


High precision, good steady,wide resistance.

Small size,Fast response,High sensitivity

Mass production,low cost

Axial leads as diode,convenient for AI automatic install





Automobile electricity (auto air-conditioner and refrigeration etc.)

Office equipment (computer,print machine etc.)

Rechargeable battery (lithium battery,ni-mh battery)



3.Main parameters


Resistance range : 0.1~1000 KOhm

R25 Tolerance : ±1%,±2%,±5%,±5%,±10%

B value tolerance : ±0.5%,±1%

Dissipation factor : model ≥5mW/℃ in still air

Thermal time constant : ≤20sec in still air

Rated power at 25℃ : ≤25mW



4.Dimension (mm)




5.Part numbering


MF54 103 F 3950 E


   ①      ②    ③   ④    ⑤


① Type : MF54 Plastic Package Diode Temperature Measurement NTC Thermistor

② Rated zero power resistance: 103-10K Ohm

③ Resistance tolerance : F - ±1%, G - ±2%, H - ±3%, J - ±5%, K - ±10%

④ B value : namely 3950K

⑤ B value tolerance : E: ±0.5% , F : ±1%, G : ±2%



Advantages and characteristics of Auto Temperature Sensor


  • We have the heart of NTC temperature sensor--full sets of production line and core technology of pro-prietary intellectual property rights for high performance temperature measurement NTC thermistor.
  • We have all kinds of NTC core element of NTC Temperature sensor--high performance temperature measurement thermistors are own production,complete series,structural diversity. Our products can meet the requirements of prevision measurement in different temperature area from low temperature,medium and low temperature to medium-high temperature.These products have passed many safety certifications of domestic and foreign.
  • Resistance and temperature characteristics can meet customer's requirements entirely,and support best convenience to customers.
  • Mature manufacturing technique of NTC temperature sensor,Large-scale mass production,product have the best ability of insulation sealing,Mechanical collision,resistance to bending,well-set.
  • Small thermal time,fast response
  • Multi category,complete series,many kinds of housing he configuration,easy to assemble
  • We have high lavel inspection equipments which carrry out strict and normative inspection process.
  • Our products with high precision,high reliability,high stability,high interchangeable,high commonality are advanced in industry.

(Highest tolerance can be reach ±0.02℃) (Years of drif rate ≤1‰)



Operating temperature and environment of NTC temperature sensor depend on specific performance of its core element and lead wire:


►Different NTC thermistor using in the NTC temperature sensors with the following different operating temperature:


Chip or MF52A,MF51E,MF55: temperature resist grade 125℃,actual temperature resist grade 150℃
MF58: temperature resist grade 200℃,actual temperature resist grade 250℃
MF51: temperature resist grade 200℃,actual temperature resist grade 250℃
Special MF51: temperature resist grade 250℃,actual temperature resist grade 300℃
Weldless chip:temperature resist grade 450℃,actual temperature resist grade 500℃


►Operating environment


In the environment of high temperature,high humidty and high corrosion,we suggest to use glass sealed type thermistor as the core element.And MF51 type will be the best NTC thermistor in high humidity environment.


►Design considerations and procedure of temperature sensor:


1. Choose the shape acoording to customer's design or assemble requirements, and confirm the thermistor.
2. Confirm the thermistor element and other materials according to customers' requirement
3. Choose the suitable resistance,B value and tolerance
4. Choose suitable moisture-proof and insulation technology to meet customer's requirement
5. Choose suitable encapsulation structure to meet performance requirements of mechanical shock resistance
6. Meet customer's special requirements.



Reliability Test


Test Item Test Standard Test method Performance requirements
Zero Power Resistance IEC 60539-1 Immerse samples in the constant temperature bath at 25℃±0.005℃,test steady resistance

Resistance tol ±1%


B value IEC60539-1 Immerse samples in the constant temperature bath at 25℃,50℃(or 85℃), test steady resistance,and calculate B value

Resistance tol ±1%


Free fall



Fall height: 1.5±0.1m,Surface: Cement , 1 time

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%





500V pressure on insulation shell test insulation resistance



Withstand voltage IEC60539-1

Withstand voltage: 1500V/AC ,Leakage current:2mA Lasting: 60sec


No obvious damage


Tension IEC60068-2-21

Pull uniform speed at the end, F>4.0KG(requested by customer)


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Vibration Q/HBm 108-94 Test frequency: 10~500Hz,swing: 1.2mm acceleration: 30m/s2 Direction X,Y,Z Time:8Hour/direction

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Steady humidity and heat IEC60068-2-78 Temp:40±2℃ Humidity:92-95%RH Time:1000±24Hour

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Thermal time constant EC60539-1 Immerse in 25℃ water,after thermal balance,immerse in 85℃,resistance arrives 63.2%,calculate total time

<10 sec


High temperature storage IEC60068-2-2 Temp:125℃±5℃ Time: 1000±24Hour No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%
Cold and thermal shock IEC60068-2-14

-40℃~+125℃ T1:30min Cycle time:1000


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Knock experiment IEC60068-2-77

Acceleration:250m/s2 Pulse lasting: 6ms Knock times: 1000 Recovery time: 2 Hour


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Low temperature storage IEC60068-2-1

Temp: 40±2℃ Time: 1000±24Hour


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Salt spray IEC60068-2-11 Temp: 35±2℃ Collection hour : 1.0mL~2.0mL Time: determine per as actual demand

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%




Introduction of test and inspection equipments




Name: High/Low-Thermal Shock Chamber

Function:test product withstand high/low-thermal shock chamber

Name : Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Function: test products storage state under steady damp and heat



Name : Vibration testing equipment

Function : test the effect on product during transportation generated by vibration frequency and amplitude

Name : Salt spray test machine

Function: Test product resistance to oxidation,corrosion

Name : Spectrum analyzer

Function : analyze harmful substance content of products

Name : Electrolytic thickness gauge

Function : Used for testing coating thickness of raw material

Name : Constant temp oil bath instrument

Function : test ambient temperature at constant point resistance (tolerance ±0.002℃)

Name : Low Temperature precision test sink

Function : Test temperature at constant point resistance during -70℃~0℃ (tolerance ±0.01℃)

Name : DC constant voltage and constant current power supply (high current)

Function : Test U-I Curve

Name : High precision thermistor sorter

Function : Test resistance of thermistor

Name : Dissipation and thermal time constant testing instrument

Function : Test dissipation and thermal time constant

Name : NTC Impact tester

Function : Test impulse capacitance which products can endure

Name : Withstand voltage test instrument

Function : Test insulation withstand voltage

Name : DC constant voltage power supply

Function : Test rated power consumption


Name : Projector

Function : Test out appearance and inner structure

Name : Elongation rate instrument

Function : Test elongation rate of leads

Name : Overload aging test machine

Function : Electricity aging test of temp measurement products

Name : Chemical experiment table

Function : Chemical blending

Name : Aging stage

Function : Test aging reliability of product

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